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¸.•*¸.•*¸.•* *(`'·.¸ WELCOME ¸.·'´)* *•. ¸*•.¸*•.¸

¸.•*¸.•*¸.•* *(`'·.¸The Silent Epidemic¸.·'´)* *•. ¸*•.¸*•.¸

A quality which is
lacking in some people
is to be a part of a whole..
whether in friendship
or with a family member.

Something goes wrong
or they cannot own you;
they reflect in actions
uncalled for or harsh words.
They walk away leaving you
in total silence for months
they are out of your life!
Rather than admit their errors
they hit you with total silence
and distancing you from them.
Phone calls or mail are deleted
You are entirely erased
from their lives

This can be harsh but it is real,
they stand over you in judgement
and give you this treatment
which is a form of violence
that wears and tears
down resistance in the heart
thereby the weak suffer badly
from this form of isolation &
degradation which is violence!

Those they attack
are only the weak
because they know others
will not tolerate or allow
this form of abuse.

Although this violence does not
appear to be as so to others,
but it is very damaging!

A lack of presence or words
of any kind and nature
to it's recipient in question
can ruin a person's spirit.

This 'attacker' cannot stand
to be told the truth,
nor do they wish to forgive
or being put in their place
by the loved one they attack!

They have complete disregard
for the one they attack at times,
because they are blinded
by their own needs
to be satisfied or
they blow and go away.

They seek to be loved elsewhere,
some live an emotional burn out
they have to lash out
by offering a silent attack
on the very one
who is closest to them!

In our western civilization,
they dishonor God's words,
to love their own parent.
If the parent does not
meet to their expectations,
Words or a separation are used
as arms by the child to lash out
toward the parent involved.

I cannot even consider
taking them on
life's journey with me
because in the end,
they'll hurt me
more than help me.

Their silence is one
of the deadliest killers
to a human heart or spirit.
It wears you thin in emotions
like a chisel which carves
out of you all sense well being!

They cannot love you unconditionally.
nor accept you with your
strengths and weaknesses left intact.

They wish to live in the moment
ignore your pain they inflicted
upon you because in reality
they are suffering too.

They know this is wrong
but cannot let go of
their inner need for control
it is a way to make you
to be part of their pain.

They cannot see the hurt they cause
and are blinded to it because of
their need to show themselves strong
but they are weak instead!
Their pride refuses to ask forgiveness
or offer kindness with forgiveness,
gentleness is not in their vocabulary
unless they call to ask you favors.

Within time they do
come to their senses
and realize the wrong they done
but not until they undo you,
because they figure your soft &
forgiving heart will always
be open to them...

They are kind citizens,
function well in the work field
or at home or with others
but usually they attack
the weak in a family.

But they must know
there has to be an end
because this type of violence
is a cycle which repeats itself
and you have to walk away
- even from your own grown child,
or a close friend,
or another person you love,
who practice this type of violence!

There comes a time to stand up
or be crushed constantly.
They will never stop attacking
they do know times of grace
but fall back to their
old habits quickly enough.

Lessons learned by recent
silent blows inflicted upon me
at different intervals,
lasting longer each time,
my 2 grown children
walked out of my life,
only will they return
when they feel to let go
of their bitterness
and lack of self control;
or they need you for something.

This may take a long time;
being their mother I refused
to take anymore this
and gave them the ultimatum;
((Definition:a final,
uncompromising demand
or set of terms issued
by a party to a dispute,
the rejection of which may lead
to a severance of relations
or to the use of force.
2. a final proposal
or statement of conditions.))

This change I offered was
for them to get help or remain
their distance away from me.
I have suffered much from them
and violent people
with such behaviours,
do not change until
they acknowledge
they have a problem and
they can destroy me
in time if I let them
return as before
into my home and life.

They chose to leave!
I know this will take
months before they
open up at all to change,
or contact me in any form.

Now I offer tough love
from this distance in silence,
rather than change
they wish to force me
to bend and take blows!

This is very hard on me
being alone in Quebec province
and no family nearby
but each day I take baby steps
toward peace within for myself
because I know God's love
and His people support me
morally right now.

Written by Myself

Thank you for this time - TO ALL!
Keep me in your prayers right now please.

Where are those who genuinely care for you,
not just for what you can do for them.

We either make ourselves
happy or miserable.
The amount of work is the same.
Carlos Castaneda


Lyrics to Song: I'm Crying For You

I`ve been trying to say
just how I feel
I want your heart
it`s so surreal.

You told me before
it`s the beginning of the end.
I tried to understand
why you want to run away.

When alone
I`m feeling sad
and in such pain
but forever
I want you to stay.

I`m crying for you
I`m dying for you
I`m begging you please
don`t ever leave.

I`m crying for you
I`m dying for you
I beg you to stay
don`t run away.

Can`t wait another day
to hear the words
that you will say:

I need you

Tell me, it`s not pretend
may be we can try
once again.
No more make believe
try to understand
how I feel
So help me,
I`m saying please

Hey, girl,
don`t keep on lying
to yourself
It`s never over
until the end

I`m crying for you
I`m dying for you
I`m begging you please
don`t ever leave

I`m crying for you
I`m dying for you
I beg you to stay
don`t run away.
I`m crying for you
I`m dying for you
we`ll make it on time
I`ll be fine

I`ll be fine
We`ll make it on time

I love you


* * *


* * *

-Marilyn/copyright 2010