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*Friendship Is A Priceless Gift *

Helen Steiner Rice

-----Part 3-----

After this experience, I think, if I'm going to fulfill the dream that God has given me, then what I want to do is to influence people to whom I might never actually speak.

So, I have decided to write a book of people that inspired me, tell what I think on many things, maybe only a hundred pages, maybe a year to write it. Not many chapters. or pages in a chapter, but my book. So many approached me recently asking me to do this, so now the time has come. I'll be glad to deliver it but I said honestly, I am not sure if it's really good. Others said. you have to write this book.

I was curious because I never heard so much before others saying anything like that about me doing it and asked why do you keep saying just do it.

Many love the short chapters, the idea of putting such short chapters together and sentences drawing attention. As my first book I only wish to be honest, to write pages was about good and what it can get. In fact, I think some of the chapters might only be two pages long.

Nevertheless, the dream is expanding; to cross over and go into the corporate or secular community. I realize that God' is enlarging my borders. The opportunity to speak internationally, or here which has really been on my heart more and more lately. With time, I wish also to do it in different languages.

It is amazing to imagine my potential after many years of learning the hard way how to verbalize my thoughts now into paper, print, action!. In fact it is an incredible blessing; taking more than fifty years to get here.

When that dream comes true and how do I respond to it; God alone will reveal to me in that time! Because the wait for so many years; the patience before I can realize this dream is about to happen. He shows me the willingness to wait on a dream was a big one and worth his while. Up till this time I am told to invest in adding value to myself and to others will come naturally.

In difficult times I learned how to forgive, no matter what somebody did to me, the greatest way to rise above ill will and difficult circumstances is and was in past times to keep a forgiving spirit.

Past events lead to training us to future events, enabling us to do more, even in desperate financial and physical conditions; it was to reveal more to me, to listen to the language of love as I share it with you now.

I feel I can't hold to myself any longer. I cried out to God so frequently to change my life for once, for good, to leave everyone, to be with no one but one who can identify himself with me! All my sobbing were so strong, yet not many could help or hear me. In fact,I isolated myself more from my sisters and brothers, and many; not speaking of what my father really did. My own family told me I couldn't say a word.I was speechless and couldn't believe what they were asking of me or demanding. I am your sister the one whom you rejected to hear. But don't feel badly. I don't blame you for selling yourselves so short to me. God is behind it and He sent me here ahead of you help you gain back your own lives. The famine of love and understanding is going to continue for many years probably after I publish my words, but it will release a prison within me to live a healthier lifestyle today!

God is sending me on ahead to pave the way and make sure that you do not utterly bring condemnation to yourselves but to save your lives in an amazing act of deliverance that only God can do. So you see, it isn`t you who can keep me here, but Him. I am sent, put me in charge, I have wept over many; only in time then will my family be able to talk with me.

Forgiveness is not forgetting. We hear people sometimes say: Well I forgive you and forget it but we don't! Forgiveness is remembering what has been done to us and yet still be willing (to choose) to forgive a person, remembering that the hurt is there, the setbacks did happen, and the days were difficult but also it is in remembering, we can rise above it all and it becomes a lesson to learn by.

It doesn't change the past when we forgive or that somebody still has done something wrong to us, this incident did happened, the issue is truly real nor does it doesn't change the past. However, what forgiveness does is to enlarge our future. It opens a way to go forward. It allows us to leave that hurt behind, to go toward a better and a brighter today. It is love in action. Forgiveness is love demonstrated.

God can change a life and forgive and He gives us the spirit within us to be like this, to model forgiveness. So when things are not going well, and you're having a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, invest in others, get your mind off of yourself, put others first. Patience is a virtue. It takes time, sometimes, to realize a dream. But one day this will all lead you soar on an higher plane and be the person that God intended you to be. My the blessings of God be yours today and always.

I'll lead, just let me loose God I pray now!

Copyright Marilyn Blanchard 2009
Friendship is a priceless gift






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